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Yoga Neti Pot with Salt - Nose Cleansing

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Yoga Neti Pot with Salt
Yogi's NoseBuddy with 300g Himalaya Salt 
Yoga Nose cleansing - Neti - A refreshing yoga method!
Traditionally recommended for relief and prevention of blocked nose, common cold, sinusitis, hayfever and other allergies - also for increased mental clarity.
Available in BLUE, PURPLE / PINK and GREEN.  
A detailed instruction leaflet is included
Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt, mined from 250 million years old mines. It has not been contaminated with any toxins or pollutants, and it contains all 84 elements found in the human body.
Pure non-iodized salt, no additives or anti caking agents added.
300 Grams = 2 Month Supply Approx
                                                     NETI POT
Unique construction that results in a very good flow of water
NoseBuddy's large volume (0.5 litre) and the long curved spout make it easy to cleanse the nose even if it severely congested.
A measuring spoon for salt + a measuring mark for water
Mix the salt and water in the pot. Use the correct salt content every time. NoseBuddy is transparent, it is easy to see the water level.
Light and durable
Ideal for home and when travelling.
Easy for both adults and children to use
With NodeBuddy nose cleansing soon becomes as easy and as natuaral a part of daily hygiene as brushing the teeth (which is also a yogic practice).


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